Hi, my name is Adah and I love to cook. I initally wanted to start blogging when my family became CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shareholders with a local farm and I discovered that we didn’t always know what to do with unfamiliar veggies. I also discovered that my family wasn’t always keen on seeing unfamiliar vegetables on their plates. There weren’t always recipes or ideas to be found on the internet that I thought accessible or that I thought would work in our family’s daily menu. I began to experiment with new recipes and found ways to incorporate new (to us) vegetables into my familiar recipes (without scaring away my six year old and sometimes veggie adverse hubby).It was new territory for me. I mean, how do you know if you’ve cooked and seasoned something the way its supposed to be if you’ve never tried it before? I realized there may be others out there who might find themselves in a similar predicament and would benefit in my sharing our journey in trying to incorporate a variety of different vegetables into our daily routine. Also, it gives me an excuse to take pictures of my food :-).
My family joined a CSA because we love to cook and eat and wanted to eat organically. We wanted to feed our family quality produce grown without pesticides (mass produced foods are sometimes treated with scary stuff). We realized that as consumers, our dollars make an impact where we spend them, and that our purchases speak volumes to producers. Eating this way can sometimes be cost prohibitive when shopping at chain grocers, so a very local, organic, farm CSA was a Godsend to us. But in order to budget for better eating, we realized we would have to make a lot of changes in the way we eat. Namely we reduced the amount of meat we consume. We still supplement our produce from grocery stores, mostly with fruit, which is a must in my daughter’s lunchbox. Overall, we love food, and yes, plenty of cookies! I promise there will be cookies! Please join me as I chronicle my family’s journey through our CSA box and our kitchen.

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