Potato and Kale Rolled Tacos

“Hey Adah, what happened to the other vegetables in your box last week? What did you do with the beets??” You might ask. Well, I’m doing something kind of different with the beets. I’m still working on that post and the one on the green garlic. For tonight, I have a quick and easy recipe: potato and kale rolled tacos.

Part of getting my family to eat a variety of vegetables involves presenting them in a familiar way until their taste becomes familiar enough to them that I can expand on their flavors. Kale has pretty much become a staple for us recently since we have been receiving a pretty steady supply of it in our csa box. The very first time we recieved kale in our box, I made the mistake of following an online recipe for sauteed kale. It was simple and the flavors were good, if a bit “green”, but the texture weirded us out (it got kind of stringy and mushy). I may have overcooked it too. Lately, I’ve come to expect the body and flavor added to my weeknight dishes by the heft of kale. It does a pretty good job of blending in with bolder flavors as well as textures. I try to shred it up in a salad and use it as quickly as possible with our usual lettuce, but sometimes we get a little bored with salad, so I continue to shred it and toss it into other foods. Usually at the very end of a dish’s cooking time so that it only just wilts. It makes me happy that I can “sneak in” such a powerhouse veggie, like kale, and still get my family to eat their dinner.

This recipe is one I made a couple of weeks back. My family loves rolled tacos, and though we’re used to the kind stuffed with shredded meat , this recipe fits the bill for a quick and easy meatless dinner. I try not to fry too many foods, however, on this particular night nothing but rolled tacos would do. You can play around with the ingredients with whatever you have on hand. Try swapping out the mushrooms for finely diced zucchini, or add in finely diced red bell pepper, or even diced chicken/meat if you have some that needs stretching. Top them however you prefer your rolled tacos. I hope you enjoy them!

Potato and Kale Rolled Tacos (serves 3-4) with beans and/or rice as an accompaniment.

My daughter's serving topped with shredded cheese and served with a side of salsa.

2 large russet potatoes
1 cup finely shredded kale
5-6 mushrooms finely chopped
1/4 onion finely diced
1 garlic clove, smashed and finely chopped
2 -3 Tablespoons grated Cotija cheese
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (optional)
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1/2 tsp salt
12 corn tortillas
canola oil for frying
olive oil for sauteeing the onion and mushrooms
shredded cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and salsa for topping (optional)

Peel potatoes and dice into chunks. Place them in a small pot and cover with water. Place on stove under med-high heat until potatoes are tender. Drain and transfer potatoes to a shallow dish and break up with a fork or potato masher.
While the potatoes cook, add a small amount of olive oil to a pan and set on low-med heat. Add onion, mushroom, red pepper flakes, if using, and garlic. Sautee until onions are translucent and mushrooms have cooked down a bit. Add the salt and pepper. Set aside to cool a bit. Add onion/mushroom mixture to mashed potatoes. Mix well. Add shredded kale and Cotija cheese and combine.

Rolled taco filling will look like this when combined.

Once the filling is ready, place a frying pan or deep skillet on your stove set to med-high with about a half an inch to an inch of oil. The oil is ready for frying when you stick the handle of a wooden spoon or chopstick in and it rapidly releases little bubbles. Heat your tortillas either in the microwave wrapped in paper towels/plastic wrap or you can wrap them in foil and set them in a low oven setting at the start of the recipe to keep warm while you work. It is important that the tortillas stay warm or they will break when you roll them up.

Take a warm tortilla and place about two fingers’ width of filling close to the edge. You can crimp the potato filling down a bit so it sticks together. Roll up the tortilla and secure with a toothpick set parallel to the tortilla.

Filling should be a little closer to the edge you will start rolling from for easier going.

Carefully, with a pair of tongs, set your rolled up tortilla in the frying oil. I like to use a spatter guard. Once golden on bottom, carefully,flip with the tongs and continue frying until golden brown all over. Set on a cookie rack placed over a baking sheet to drain. You can keep them in the oven this way to keep warm while you finish frying the remaining rolled tacos.

Frying the rolled tacos. Carefully!

Serve with rice and/or beans and top however you like. Guacamole or diced avocados add an extra richness to the dish.


One thought on “Potato and Kale Rolled Tacos

  1. It’s a nice recipe, simple and easy. You’re right about the ‘play around’ part because the filling can be replace or add with anything according to taste, also, this is one good way to make the children eat their greens. I think I will try it at home.

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