Weeknight dinners

   I heard this morning on Good Morning America that eating three or more servings of vegetables, especially those with high concentrations of lycopene, will give you a healthy glow. Just one more reason to eat your veggies!

  I’m going to post the meals I’ve made this week from my veggie box. In the future, I may post them as I make them, say two or three times a week, but for this week I’m just going to do a summary post.

Monday Night’s Dinner:

Salmon burger, brown rice pilaf with edamame, salad.

I usually cook on weekends when we get our veggie box since I find myself inspired by the contents of my box, but we had a family outing and I didn’t get around to my source of inspiration until Monday night. We had a very simple dinner, inspiration kind of failed me, as Monday was rough going and we were all still kind of tired after our eventful weekend.So dinner consisted of Wild Alaskan salmon burgers- we buy them frozen, from Costco- they are a life saver on super busy weekdays, a salad made from romaine lettuce, shredded kale, microbeets, and sliced carrots, and a brown rice pilaf to which I added frozen edamame at the end. There were a lot of microbeets in the salad, but they got buried in the lettuce once I added the dressing so you can’t tell in the picture. I was actually kind of worried because neither my daughter or husband are big fans of beets. The tiny little leaves packed a huge punch of beet flavor, but they blended in nicely with the other greens and dressing- I heard no complaints and plates were clean at the end of dinner time. 🙂 The dressing I used is one I adapted from a blog post on Your Homebased Mom for Spinach Salad: http://www.yourhomebasedmom.com/spinach-salad/ It is a vinagrette which uses red onion slices and poppy seeds. I changed it a bit by using white balsamic vinegar and cutting back the sugar to 2Tablespoons. It is very delicious.

Tuesday Night’s dinner:

Crockpot teriyaki chicken, vegetable stir fry, and leftover brown rice pilaf.

I remembered to start dinner in the crockpot around mid morning on Tuesday. I simply placed 6 chicken legs in the crockpot with 1/3 cup of orange juice, 1/3 cup of white wine, 1/3 cup soy sauce, about 1 TB grated ginger, a drizzle of sesame oil and a shake of white pepper and cracked black pepper. I made a stir fry using my humongous cabbage cone, carrots, broccolini, some red bell pepper I had in the fridge (organic,from Trader Joe’s), and tons of shredded broccoli leaves. They gave the stir fry a very nice color. I seasoned simply with a little salt, pepper, soy sauce, and sesame oil to tie the flavors together. It was nice to have leftover rice pilaf to round out the meal.

carrot coins and broccolini stalks in the pan

Broccoli leaves on top. They wilted down nicely into the stir fry.

Wednesday Night:

Pan grilled Wahoo filets, red potatoes with mushrooms, zucchini,shredded broccoli leaves, and LOTS of fresh dill. Dill sauce on the side for the fish.

This dinner was delicious. I think Wahoo (also known as Ono) is one of my favorite kinds of fish. It cooks up perfectly every time without too much fuss and takes very well to a variety of seasonings. I seasoned it simply with salt and pepper, and then brushed it lightly with a green garlic butter I made and sprinkled it with dill.

Close up of the dill potatoes

The red potatoes (organic, also from Trader Joe’s) were quartered, parboiled then sauteed in some of the green garlic butter with mushrooms and a zucchini I had in the fridge and needed to use up. Once done I added more shredded broccoli leaves (there were enough leaves to fill up a whole gallon size ziploc bag), shredded kale just to wilt down, and lots of fresh chopped dill. I also made a sauce for the fish by combining about 3 TB Kewpie mayonnaise, equal amount sour cream, the juice from half a lemon, a huge handful of chopped fresh dill, and salt and pepper. I guess you could say the star of this meal was dill! It was fabulous! I’m going to do a later post on the fabulousness of green garlic. So far it has just been an ingredient in these meals but it deserves a post all on its own as the star!

I used up most of my lettuce, kale, and the rest of the microbeets in salads and sandwiches for this week’s lunches. I didn’t take any pictures but I may do that in the future. I want to keep the posts from being repetitive.


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